Follow and Contribute to iQuote via LinkedIn

April 27, 2010

Join the iQuote LinkedIn User Group now for the latest news on iQuote. There are always things happening in iQuote: new products, useful functions, updates and utilisation information. One of the forums for this information is the iQuote User Group on professional networking site LinkedIn.

What News Does the iQuote User Group Deliver?

  • HP products added to iQuote
  • New features to the iQuote tool
  • iQuote updates
  • iQuote User interface updates
  • iQuote business and partnership developments
  • iQuote Technical Support

How Does the iQuote User Group Interact With You?

  • News Discussions: contribute to discussions on iQuote with distributors, resellers and the iQuote team
  • Latest News: follow news on iQuote, HP product updates, iQuote user-interface developments
  • Opt in emails: receive emails and notifications on iQuote and it’s updates
  • Recommend Improvements: the user group allows users of iQuote to recommend improvements and provide feedback on their experience of iQuote.

To join the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn click through the following link:


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