More Ways to Manage Your Quotes in iQuote

April 22, 2010

A new iQuote feature lets users mark quotes as ‘won’. We are always looking for ways to improve customer value. Our latest feature allows users to record a conversion rate from quotes to orders by simply marking quotes as won. Or they can discard a quote that has been superceded or was not won. Once a quote is marked as won it is locked however it is possible to copy that quote as a template.

How Does The Mark as Won Function Improve Quote Management?
iQuote as a sales quotation tool has the primary objective of improving the sales quotation process. The Mark as Won function improves the management of quotes, allowing users to quantify success of quotes sent to customers. If quotes are managed by Sales effectively it can help with the tricky area of Sales forecasting – anything current but not marked as won is Sales Pipeline.

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