iQuote Update: Enhanced Shopping List Function Live

April 12, 2010

The Shopping List function now allows users to paste from Excel or Outlook. Our first version of Shopping List required the user to key in the part numbers but now Sales can simply paste in from a table (Excel and Outlook for example). This is a major timesaver for the common occurence: receiving a list of parts from a customer to validate, price and provide stock information.

 Remember that when you generate a quote via Shopping List it is just another way to generate an iQuote. iQuote then validates the configuration, rejects any unfamiliar or unsupported parts, fills the basket, prices, shows stock and looks for promotional pricing.

 Shopping List New Function Process:

  1. Click on Shopping List on the menu.
  2. Click on “NEW – Copy/Paste from Excel” blue link.
  3. Paste in 2 columns of data (HP part number and Quantity or Quantity then HP part number) – one part has to be a HP system unit.
  4. It then validates the quote and opens up iQuote in the same way as Shopping List The Form does…

Show this to a Sales Person…they love it as it takes 20 minutes work and reduces it to 2 minutes.


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