iQuote Interface Improvements

March 18, 2010

iQuote Cosmetic Improvements. The small details are often what makes the difference between something being good and being great. So channelcentral has updated and improved the interface of iQuote, changes that will result in iQuote’s interface becoming easier to use and more importantly offering benefits for users and businesses.

What improvements have been made? First up a fix! Regular users of iQuote will have noticed that once an option category had been selected there was the need to scroll down to view options. No longer, iQuote will now automatically scroll down to view options and as a result save users time. Great!

Easier to Attach Sell. Next some improvements with real business benefit. The iQuote Team has created more sub-categories, resulting in a clearer and concise options form for users. We originally did this with software but now this has been extended to two additional product categories:

  1. Warranty (see graphic) now displays options grouped by HP’s Service Level.
  2. Cables have also been updated with sub-categories to assist with improvements in selection of  options for PCI cards and (coming soon) Tape Drives.
  3. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) now display two sub-categories: tower and rack chassis options.

If you have any feedback on these new changes please contact channelcentral.net Limited or join the iQuote User Group on LinkedIn (Search on iQuote in LinkedIn Groups).

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