Run More Effective Incentives for HP

March 15, 2010

Did you know that channelcentral.net offer Incentive Management Services?

channelcentral.net is famous for iQuote. However, this is not the only service on offer – we also create and deliver incentives. In fact we are rolling out two incentives for one of HP’s Global Distributors right now. The aim is to help Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers run effective incentives with better results and a stronger Return on Investment.

Why should you use channelcentral.net to manage your incentives?

Most companies that offer Incentive Management Services are geared up towards the provision of the prize or reward. channelcentral.net takes a different approach focusing upon the incentive criteria and performance. This also takes away the chore that Product Managers often endure in measuring the success of their Marketing Programmes. Features & Benefits:

channelcentral.net Incentive Feature Customer Benefit
Terms & Conditions Handling Ensure compliance & avoid contention
Sales Out Data Capture Automated & frequent results delivery
Product Classification Highly granular targeting (e.g. attach rate)
Secure Access Controlled access to incentives
Management Portal Track utilisation and measure ROI
Variety of Measures (including units, revenue, attach rate, targets, thresholds, league tables) Total flexibility to achieve desired results
iQuote Integration* Change Sales behaviour to best practice
Graphical Representation Simplicity for results interpretation
iQuote Loyalty Points For SPIFs iQuote is a great way to communicate premium products to focus Sales

* channelcentral.net can design the incentive to run alongside, or in conjunction with, iQuote allowing for greater synergy & simplicity.

We have plenty of experience and expertise in this field. If you are interested in running an incentive either in conjunction with iQuote or as a standalone bespoke service please contact us: interested [at] channelcentral.net.

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