iQuote Return on Investment: Leverage & Plan Inventory

February 25, 2010

Return on Investment (ROI) is a vastly important tool to evaluate business decisions and purchases. iQuote is an innovative Sales System that delivers a strong ROI through its unique features. This week the Blog will detail and serialise our ROI White Paper created to highlight the potential benefits that iQuote’s Distributors and Resellers currently enjoy. 

Leverage & Plan Inventory
Shippability! Resellers may place quotation requests into a few Distributors to see who can ship an order quickly. The Distributor that can complete an order often wins the order provided price is competitive. Promotional and End User Special Bid Pricing often means that complete orders must be placed on a single Distributor. To stand a better chance of winning an order from a Reseller quote items that are either in stock or on a short lead-time. Sometimes it is possible to achieve similar configurations to a customer solution using different options – so switch selling is possible. 

How does iQuote help with Inventory?
When Sales are doing a quotation in iQuote they are shown stock availability by part number. For options this can be in a single view so comparing different configurations is easy. If you had a choice would you choose a System Unit as your base model with no stock and a long lead-time? No Sales would switch sell to a model you have. This reduces weeks of stock and price protection risk. iQuote highlights ‘shippability’. iQuote will also start to produce inventory reports that show weeks of stock per part number based on current stock position and recent quotations.

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