iQuote Return on Investment: Stock Alerts

February 24, 2010

Return on Investment (ROI) is a vastly important tool to evaluate business decisions and purchases. iQuote is an innovative Sales System that delivers a strong ROI through its unique features . This week the Blog will detail and serialise our ROI White Paper created to highlight the potential benefits that iQuote’s Distributors and Resellers currently enjoy.

iQuote Return on Investment – Stock Alerts
Inventory is a scarce commodity even though it doesn’t always feel that way. Often Resellers will have ‘requirements’ registered with several Distributors for items in constraint. A proactive Sales Person will monitor constraint items as the first person to tell a Reseller they can ship an order has a good chance of getting the order. This may not be the first Distributor to receipt free stock of course.

How does iQuote help with Stock Alerts?
As part of a major development we call Quotation Health Check, iQuote will inform Sales if something has changed from non-shippable to shippable. We will also bring in the concept of stock thresholds so if something is in stock but selling fast iQuote will prompt Sales if it hits a level that they can define.

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