iQuote Return on Investment: Attach Rate

February 16, 2010

Return on Investment (ROI) is a vastly important tool to evaluate business decisions and purchases. iQuote is an innovative Sales System that delivers a strong ROI through it’s unique features . This week the Blog will detail and serialise our ROI White Paper created to highlight the potential benefits that iQuote’s Distributors and Resellers currently enjoy.

Attach Rate Selling Improves Margin. How does iQuote help Attach Rate? iQuote measures the Attach Rate globally per Manufacturer or per Product Subset. It also measures the attach rate against every user so if one sales person has an Attach Rate of 8 and another of 4 it identifies a training requirement. Attach Rate measurement at Sales Quotation level is the purist indicator of how much effort is being put into clothing Systems.

iQuote also makes it easier to Attach Sell by offering options that are supported by systems (only). It also validates the quantity to improve Sales Confidence (a major factor in Attach Selling). iQuote offers a near comprehensive number of options and coverage is improving all of the time.

For discussion and further information on the potential ROI of iQuote please visit our linkedin iQuote user group:


or the specific ROI discussion on linkedin:


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