iQuote enters the Reseller Tier

February 12, 2010

First iQuote Reseller Rollout. When iQuote was first designed one of it’s primary objectives was to be portable: to sit within any tier of the channel from Manufacturer to end user. Thus far, the majority of iQuote’s activity has been within the distribution tier (i.e. with Distributors). We at channelcentral.net are excited to announce that in the UK we are mid-way through a rollout to one of the largest and best known HP Gold Preferred Partners in the UK.

In monitoring feedback there are some subtle differences to the feedback we get from Reseller Sales People compared to Distribution. However, what is clear is that there is plenty of appetite for iQuote across this Reseller’s Sales Floors. Subject to a successful rollout and Return on Investment Study the Reseller hopes to move iQuote from a standalone (off the web) service to a fully integrated sales tool that is made available to End Users through the Reseller’s existing customer eCommerce solution.

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