Pipeline Management in iQuote

February 9, 2010

How iQuote can help you to forecast. We have just added some figures to the Management Portal that displays Value of Exported Quotes. If a Saved quote gets re-exported we only show the latest export value (avoids double counting but does make historic numbers fluid). This will give the Sales Management a good view of utilisation but it doesn’t differentiate between an open or closed quote.

Pipeline View.
We’ll soon be introducing another view of quotes: ‘pipeline’ will give total values for all active quotes. Useful for forecasting…! Assuming all Sales (and Customers) use iQuote and that when a quote is won or lost it is removed iQuote will show your pipeline for HP and the Business Unit. OK so life isn’t always that simple but we will add new features that move you towards that goal.

Understanding potential future business is a key component in Vendor Management.

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