iQuote Reporting: New, Saved & Exported

January 8, 2010

Reporting is accessed from the Management View

iQuote Reporting:  New, Saved and Exported Quotes

Today we’d like to explain one of the features of the iQuote system: the iQuote Reporting function. There’s a lot of information that iQuote stores and can be used to manage the Sales pipeline and forecast. The more Sales Managers use the Reporting functions the more satisfied your organisation will be with iQuote. So to help you to understand  the information that we are providing here is an explanation of the terms we use:

New: every time a system is selected we record it. So this is always a higher amount in terms of volume of quotes. As it is not Saved we only record the event and the system unit. Often New Quotes aren’t saved as people are just using iQuote to look up an option or system attribute. This is perfectly normal behaviour especially in Distribution where verbal quotes are common. It is the truest indicator of utilisation.

Saved: if the user hits Save Quote we record it. This is stored as Quantity 1 due to the need to validate the options. So the value is understated as they may have sold 5 like systems.

Exported: user has saved and exported. The Export is the only true indicator of value of quotes as it records quantity of systems.

More information on iQuote:
The channelcentral team will do their upmost to provide Marketing information regularly on iQuote that will enhance your experience of the service. Throughout January and 2010 there will be regular updates via the blog so please come back ! For more information on iQuote do not hesitate to contact channelcentral.net via one of the following mediums:

channelcentral.net Web Site: www.channelcentral.net
channelcentral.net  Blog: www.channelcentral.net/blog
iQuote User Group on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=2081850&trk=anet_ug_hm

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