Lewis White arrives at channelcentral, responsible for web, blog and social networking

January 6, 2010

The team here at channelcentral.net is very excited to introduce our newest member of staff Lewis White, responsible for online marketing and also partly responsible for looking after the maintenance of iQuote for notebooks, desktops and workstations. So he will be the one informing you of the bright and wonderful world of channelcentral.net, and what we have to offer through our unique ways of promoting channels to the end user.

Lewis is currently undertaking a degree in BA Leisure Marketing at Bournemouth University, and joins us as part of his industrial placement. In the role he will develop the online marketing of channelentral.net via the website, the blog, linkedin and twitter, ultimately building an online community that enhances the message of channelcentral.net.

On arrival into the company Lewis stated, “The opportunity afforded to myself at channelcentral is exciting, and one I wish to excel in. I look forward to developing the business, and also developing my own skills and creating relationships that are lasting and effective.”

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