iQuote: Importance of Good Product Descriptions

January 6, 2010

How important are Product Descriptions in iQuote? channelcentral.net is announcing another enhancement to the iQuote system, it has been a fast paced start to 2010 and the snow is certainly not slowing us down. We now use iQuote SystemBuilder to generate new System Units. One of the benefits is that SystemBuilder produces the Product Description making them consistent and comprehensive.

Alongside this Jan 2010 has seen us review the descriptions of hundreds of options that appear in iQuote. This again makes them more consistent and comprehensive.

“So iQuote has great descriptions..so what?”

We believe that the quality of our descriptions provides benefits to all stakeholders of the system, iQuote users and ultimately the end-user. This is because we know that the descriptions we apply in iQuote are unlikely to change from Distributor,  through Reseller to the end-user. In a nutshell, the better the iQuote system the better the information received by the end-user.

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