iQuote ‘Shopping List’ Coming Soon…

November 10, 2009

Shopping ListLook out for the iQuote Shopping List function due this week. It is very, very common for customers to send a list of parts and quantities to their Reseller or Distributor and request a quote and technical validation. To mirror that in iQuote is easy but a little time-consuming and the development team here thought we could make that process a whole lot simpler and quicker.

Shopping List is our name for it. The graphic top left shows roughly what the form will look like. You simply key or paste in the parts and quantities and hit the Assemble button. You will be directed into the correct iQuote model based on the system unit part number. If there are any options that iQuote doesn’t recognise or feels are invalid for that model it will prompt the iQuote user accordingly (see graphic below).Shopping List2

And there’s more. This Shopping List feature is also the core technology for allowing iQuote super users (typically Product Managers) to create their own bespoke Bundles for sales to use. So it’s a simple enhancement but an important one for us. As with almost all of our developments for iQuote it is covered within the standard subscription cost.

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