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iQuote goes Continental

November 27, 2009

Mainland European Pilot for iQuote. A key milestone for iQuote was to extend beyond the UK and Ireland. It is now going into pilot phase with Ingram Micro in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Initially this will be for the HP ProLiant Top Value product range.


iQuote Featured in Westcoast’s Coastline Customer Magazine

November 19, 2009



Westcoast Distribution Customer Magazine iQuote Coverage. Coastline Magazine is produced by Westcoast for their Reseller customers. iQuote appeared in Issue 04 but was given greater coverage in Issue 05 as part of an article about Westcoast’s server business and the recently launched

 It’s OK for channelcentral to tell you how iQuote works and is working for the channel. When a customer tells its customers about iQuote it is even more powerful. You can read the entire Coastline Issue 05 online:

 For Westcoast it has reduced quote turn around time, quote accuracy and allowed them to ensure that they offer all available promotions all with the minimum of training…


iQuote New Menu, New Features

November 17, 2009

Today sees the launch of a new menu and some great new iQuote features. We launched the Shopping List function this morning as advertised earlier in the Blog. In addition we allow an iQuote user to enter a System Unit part number into a text box and go directly to iQuote – we call this Quick Launch as it bypasses the hierarchical menu system. A similar process allows iQuote users to enter a Quote ID and preview or edit a saved quote – Direct Access is the current title. All of this is aimed at saving Sales people time.

To facilitate these enhancements we introduced a new menu which is more functional than the previous menu and is much more intuitive. This menu is created dynamically based on the services and product sets that are available to the Host and to the User. It is a reflection of both the wider portfolio that we now cover and also the broader tool set within iQuote.

iQuote: it’s inevitable: it’ll get (to) you in the end.


iQuote ‘Shopping List’ Coming Soon…

November 10, 2009

Shopping ListLook out for the iQuote Shopping List function due this week. It is very, very common for customers to send a list of parts and quantities to their Reseller or Distributor and request a quote and technical validation. To mirror that in iQuote is easy but a little time-consuming and the development team here thought we could make that process a whole lot simpler and quicker.

Shopping List is our name for it. The graphic top left shows roughly what the form will look like. You simply key or paste in the parts and quantities and hit the Assemble button. You will be directed into the correct iQuote model based on the system unit part number. If there are any options that iQuote doesn’t recognise or feels are invalid for that model it will prompt the iQuote user accordingly (see graphic below).Shopping List2

And there’s more. This Shopping List feature is also the core technology for allowing iQuote super users (typically Product Managers) to create their own bespoke Bundles for sales to use. So it’s a simple enhancement but an important one for us. As with almost all of our developments for iQuote it is covered within the standard subscription cost.