iQuote Utilisation

October 28, 2009

iQuote is great – anybody using it? This feature/benefit stuff is all well and good but do people use iQuote? We’ve got 6 UK & Ireland Distributors using, it, 4 Major UK resellers using it and a number of other Resellers accessing it via Distribution. Next up looks to be Benelux and then we have interest from other mainland Europe countries as well as organic growth in the UK & Ireland.

That translates to hundreds of users who are active now: generating around 1200 new quotations per month. HP’s PSG product range opens up to all Distributors in November and this coupled with the addition of dozens of new ProLiant server models will grow this number significantly in the remainder of this calendar year.

There’s no complacency though. iQuote has the headroom to deliver tens of thousands of quotations per month and we fully expect to achieve that in the not too distant future. Interested in iQuote? Please email us at: interested@channelcentral.net.

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