iQuote – New Developments

October 28, 2009

System Builder

Sneak Preview of iQuote System Builder

Exciting new developments for iQuote. Apologies for the silence over the last couple of weeks. This is not due to any lack of activity here. As well as some back office improvements, some of which translate to faster performance for users, there has been two significant developments:

  1. For servers with SATA Controllers we show SATA Disk Drives. However, once a SAS Controller has been added the SAS Disk Drives then appear as options. This is part of a concerted effort here to minimise the number of possible configurations that users can’t do in iQuote.
  2. Possibly the biggest shift in the way that we operate has been to develop a System Builder for iQuote. iQuote System Builder is a process and system to easily add new models to iQuote. Look out for a more detailed Blog Article on this but user benefits include greater consistency and earlier access to newly launched systems (across Notebooks, Desktops, Workstations & Servers). Commercially it also means that Vendors or Distributors can add systems directly to iQuote and this opens up opportunities.

Our sales model means that ongoing development is INCLUDED in the subscription model. We only increase subscriptions for new territories, product groups or user groups. iQuote customers appreciate how beneficial this sales model is.

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