Standard, Max and Max Max

October 16, 2009

At a glance Maximum Quantities. Another small development that iQuote has recently undergone is within the System Unit Table of Contents (Specifications). It was already really easy to view the pre-installed quantities but more difficult to ascertain the maximum quantities. Now that is really easy too. On the right hand side it simply states the maximum quantity. For example:

Dual Processor System will show 1 installed and Max 2.

So what does Max Max mean? Sometimes the Maximum Quantity can be increased by adding options. Example:

System ships with 6 Hot-Pluggable Drive Bays so Max is 6. But you can add a 2nd Hot-Pluggable Drive Backplane to increase by a further 6 Drives. So Max is 6 but theoretical/conditional Max is 12.

iQuote simply displays that using 2 digits: 6 (12). The first figure is the maximum as the system ships and the figure in brackets is the theoretical/conditional maximum. We hope that helps.

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