iQuote: Sizing Down

September 30, 2009
Not all users of iQuote have the luxury of a large screen. If you’re not lucky enough to have a gigantic flat-panel on your desk, you might find yourself having to scroll around iQuote when building your quotes – it’s one drawback of showing comprehensive information about iQuote systems and options.

To help free up some screen space, we have added a new arrow icon at the top of the System Specifications table. Click it to collapse the table (and reclaim 30% screen space), and then click again to expand if you forgot to check how many different levels of RAID your system can handle, or how many NICs it has.

But if you think that’s good, wait until you see the same principle in action for Options. As a first step we have upgraded the Software/OS Options panel to use categorised collapsible panels, which not only saves acres of screen space but will guide our users to the right products much more quickly. Next up – Warranty and Services.

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