iQuote will have the Power

September 25, 2009

Groundwork for the Power Enhancements is well under way. We’re happy to report that we have made some major advances in this area. The objective is to be able to show an accurate power draw for a system in real-time. This will have many uses (including showing the user how to generate a greener quote) but the main drivers are to allow an iQuote user to accurately size a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and PSUs (Power Supply Units).

The PSU Sizing thing has become a particularly hot issue recently as we’ve already mentioned on this Blog. UPS Sizing has been around for decades. We feel that it is time consuming (and duplicated effort) to shell out of iQuote to use a separate tool (albeit a very good tool) to size power options and so we are working hard towards integrating them into iQuote. Once we’ve achieved this we’ll be able to provide single click option addition that we know users like. We’ll keep you posted.

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