iQuote: Power Supply Options on G6 Servers

September 23, 2009

iQuote will carry ProLiant G6 Power Supply Options. When the G6 ProLiants were launched by HP we took a decision to suppress some of the options including the Power Supply Units (PSUs). At the time we felt that technical validation was needed to ensure that the PSU was correctly specified against the server build. That is still the case however feedback has been that we should at least show the options. So we’ve added them and will validate them on quantity (so physical constraints) and rules in terms of mixing (or in this case NOT mixing wattage).

HP does have a Power Advisor application that can be downloaded from this URL:


We recommend that iQuote users take advice on PSUs from the HP tool. Over the next few weeks we will be enabling some currently disabled options such as 2nd Memory Banks and Drive Cages.

In the long-term we are working on a PSU Sizer that resides within iQuote. This will provide indicative power draw based on your precise configuration and make recommendations on PSU sizing and redundancy. We have that methodology in place we just need to populate and build it over the next few weeks.

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