Channel 2.0: Convenience

September 23, 2009

What happened when I asked a LinkedIn question on Channel 2.0? I’d read a good blog on Channel 2.0 and wanted to validate that against public opinion. The LinkedIn Q&A seemed the most appropriate place to ask the question – plus it’s free.

The first thing I learnt was that people are generally getting a little fatigued by the whole 2.0 thing. 5 years after it was first used to describe Web 2.0 it seems to be being abused somewhat – maybe to  kick start tired Sales activity. So there’s a level of cynicism out there with good reason.

I was fortunate in that Tom Emrich of ValMark (Value Based Marketing) picked up on the question. He read the Blog article and felt that the author was pointing at specific areas of the following:

Old School (4 Ps)
Place — Channel 1.0 and linear funnel view

New School (4 Cs)
Customer want and need
Customer cost of purchase and use
Convenience of customer purchase and use – Channel 2.0
Customer relationship and communication

You can read more from Tom at his Blog:


So why am I interested in Channel 2.0? If it is a genuine trend that the focus will move from Push Sales & Marketing to Pull Sales & Marketing (or should that be Pull Purchasing?) then Consumers that make decisions will have to have more information and better systems than they do today. channelcentral.net services could well play a part in this transition: “Convenience of Customer Purchase…”

The Channel Organisations that help their customers move to Convenience will be winners.

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