iQuote goes granular

August 25, 2009

Vastly improved site utilisation statistics coming soon. Now we really understand how iQuote users are operating we are changing some of the management information that the Super Users within our customers get access to.

Historically the statistics that we offered were based on user logins and volume of quotations saved. This was great but particularly in our Distributors this didn’t capture verbal quotes or product information lookups (e.g. what is the weight of this, can I add memory in this way, how many bays does this have, what is the part number for this extended warranty?).

So we still log user logins and saved quotations but we are adding the number of quotes created and the number of quotes exported. Managers will get a much stronger feel for how iQuote is being used and the headline figures show that the number of quotes created exceeds (considerably) the number of quotes saved.

An interesting point is that although verbal quotes are quicker to execute iQuote users are still advised to save quotes as they miss out on the hugely powerful re-pricing function which has been in place for several months now. Users often don’t realise this feature exists but when they see it they absolutely love it.

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