Circles, Stars & Brackets

August 14, 2009

iQuote now has improved navigation. For ProLiant Top Value iQuote users there are some new and helpful navigation features that you will notice:

  • The Menu Headings are now produced by the database: so now if there are no live models the Heading won’t show and we will put the number of models from Top Value in the range in brackets.
  • If there are Fixed Bundles against a server it will show this using circles (interlinked circles if more than 1 Bundle applies). So you know where the best prices lie just from looking at the ranges.
  • If there are End User Rebates that can be applied to options iQuote will show this using blue stars. These act as breadcrumbs when within iQuote to lead you to the specific parts.

PSG already benefits from the Menu Headings.

These changes are aimed at making it easier for Sales people that want to select systems from a wider range and make decisions on where the most flexible, deepest discount lies within Top Value.

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