When you need to sharpen your pencil…

August 12, 2009

pencilEnd User Rebates are now live in HP ProLiant iQuote. There’s nothing more infuriating than losing a deal on price and then finding out that there was an additional discount available that you missed. A close second is where you win a deal on price but have had to sacrifice margin to do this and then you find out that the End User can claim a rebate directly off the Manufacturer. So you were cheaper anyway.

The skill for Sales is to ensure that they have explored every option on pricing when they quote. Or just use iQuote. iQuote’s comprehensive pricing system incorporates standard discounts, fixed bundles, flexible bundles and now End User Rebates. So it gets to the deepest price every time.

Sometimes when you think you need to sharpen your pencil and sacrifice margin: the truth is that you are already winning on price so your job is to get to this price, differentiate the product and of course yourself.

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