Introducing Integrated Mode

August 7, 2009

iQuote is available in Integrated Mode…
iQuote operates as a standalone ‘Hosted’ service. This is a good thing for many clients as they don’t need to have any infrastructure to use the service. They can just create users, direct them to a Web address and they are live.

However, some clients already have a web-based infrastructure: a quotation/order entry tool or an eCommerce site. Those clients don’t want to introduce secondary systems. Now they don’t have to with iQuote. We have introduced our iQuote Integration Service to allow iQuote to run in Integrated Mode. Customers can:

  • Link to iQuote menus or even part numbers from a web-based ERP or Store.
  • Access iQuote without the need to login.
  • Use iQuote’s advanced quotation features to generate the shopping list.
  • Export the parts, quantities, prices and rebates back into their system to place on order.

So now our customers can choose between Hosted Mode and Integrated Mode. For now they are the same price.

Lastly there is potential to use the processes behind Integrated Mode for our Incentive and our Online Return on Investment Services should scale warrant it.

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