iQuote Option Handling Improvement

August 6, 2009

On the hoofWe are in the process of releasing a very useful development into iQuote. When iQuote was launched we wanted to be able to automate 90%  of all customer requirements leaving the balance to be referred to a Pre-Sales Technician. However, we always felt that we could increase to nearer 99% of all customer requirements – a major achievement given the complex rules that are present for IT Hardware, especially with HP who push the technology boundaries.

One area of complexity was adding Options that change the configuration rules once selected. Good examples:

  • Latest generation processor/memory architectures: the installation of a second processor increases the addressable memory.
  • Docking Stations that provide additional USB ports and PS/2 ports.
  • PCI Riser Cards that provide additional slots.
  • Hard Disk Drive backplanes that allow servers or workstations to support hot-pluggable or different architecture disks.

We are now in testing phase for this capability. Once rolled out we will communicate the precise implementation details to the iQuote community.

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