Incentives done professionally…

July 29, 2009

We started out life helping companies run professional incentives. They were for sales people or business to business (B2B in today’s acronym speak). The business motivation for this was our understanding of how labour intensive, manual and low rent (in appearance and communication) many incentives are – against a huge budget. The only thing that people spent money on was the prize (ironically this is the only thing we don’t offer as there are hordes of agencies doing this). In my opinion poorly run incentives are damaging to the brand and to customer/supplier relationships.

We’ve just put together an Incentive Service for the UK arm of one of the largest Value Add Distributors in Europe. They may disagree but it didn’t cost a lot. It’s a fully managed service so we are with them throughout the incentive and it looks very, very professional. We handle customer registration, terms and conditions, management reporting, data (sales) uploads, targets, support – everything. Clearly their customers can see that it is outsourced to us but incentive is such a logical thing to outsource when your core business is helping Resellers win huge infrastructure projects.

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