Back To The Floor

July 28, 2009

510241167_fd2101358a_bAs we have completed the Distribution rollout of iQuote for the UK and Ireland our attention has very much turned towards ensuring a comprehensive portfolio of HP systems and options. This was prompted by a “Back to the Floor” moment that I experienced last week helping a Salesman deal with a Reseller request using iQuote. We want to avoid Sales having to produce a part-quote using iQuote. To that end we are working on:

  • Phase 1 of the UP Sizer: adding the UPSs as options for Servers.
  • Offering a broader range of HP services (Care Packs) against each System Unit (Desktop, Notebook, Workstation and Server).
  • Sweeping Top Value for any System Units that have slipped through the net.

We are also looking to address some of the highly complex configuration rules around 2nd processor memory bank enablement, common slot Power Supply Units (power sizing) and RDIMM and UDIMM swapping. Well we like a challenge.

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