iQuote Futures: UPS Sizing

July 15, 2009

UPS for BlogFor HP ProLiant G6 servers additional Power Supply Units (PSUs) are required when thresholds are met on the number of installed components and options. We are working on this function now so that the iQuote user will be prompted to add another PSU. Once this work is done we will turn our attention to Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Sizing – iQuote will calculate the actual power draw of the system in real-time and present that figure to the user.

Shortly afterwards iQuote will recommend a UPS available from HP based on the VA Rating of the configuration and provide a quick link to add the UPS. We think that this will be a popular feature as the user doesn’t have to leave iQuote to size a UPS. Longer term we intend to handle the common requirement for UPS sizing across multiple servers.

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