PSG Bundles are Live

July 8, 2009

To complete the pricing functions for our HP Personal System Group (PSG) version of iQuote we have added the Bundles. HP offers Value, Optimiser and Professional Bundles across its Notebook and Desktop ranges. These are all offered via a Menu initially, however if a Bundle is not selected but most of the Bundle is added to a Quote ‘naturally’ iQuote then prompts the user to add the final piece and obtain a saving for the End User.

In addition they offer a selection of TFT Monitors for discounted prices when purchased with a System Unit. The Bundle saving is applied automatically when a qualifying monitor is added to a qualifying system unit.

As you would expect if an iQuote user removes a qualifying part and invalidates the Bundle iQuote removes the Rebate, warns the user and then gives the option to re-apply the Bundle.

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