The B Word: Bundles

July 2, 2009

Bundles! A common tactic to discount and attach sell at the same time. iQuote supports Bundles and has done for a couple of months. However, when you allow the addition of a Bundle you also need to follow the user processes through. Can you rely on the Sales Person not removing a component of a Bundle, invalidating the discount but still offering it? Not always so we have put a safety net in place to not only warn the user but also to remove the discount if they ignore the warning.

More recently we have put in place a few other enhancements to the Bundle function:

  • We have strictly enforced date ranges on Bundles so we don’t offer Bundles that have expired or pre-launch them.
  • We also now cater for a scenario where an old quotation is opened that had a Bundle within. If the Bundle no longer exists it will warn the user but it will also analyse the contents of the Basket and recommend a close fit current Bundle if available and it will advise them of the changes.

I believe we’ve covered all eventualities! It’s all part of ensuring that the best (and correct) price is offered every time.

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