The B Word: Bundles #2

July 2, 2009

Photo by Dan Mason

Photo by Dan Mason

So thinking we had covered all eventualities was my mistake. Unprompted by customer the team here decided that they could further improve our Bundle offering within iQuote.

What happens if a user decides not to use a Bundle but then designs a quotation that has all of a Bundle’s parts in it (bear in mind that there can be several Bundles that apply to a single System Unit)? Wouldn’t it be great if the Bundle Rebate was applied and the user was informed? It does.

What happens in a similar situation if the user adds nearly all of the option parts meaning that a further addition could trigger a huge saving for the End User Buyer? Set a threshold of say 60% of options parts triggers a Bundle alert. It does.

Working with Bundles is like being in a maze hence the graphic. Before these modifications we were giving users a map that they could ignore, now we are showing them the way at every turn. When HP are competing for every available deal through its channel achieving the best possible price on every quote is supremely important and now it’s easy.

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