iQuote Fully Live for Ingram Micro

July 2, 2009

NotebooksLast week iQuote was rolled out to around seventy users at Ingram Micro UK, a global Distributor. The portfolio that Ingram Micro UK covers for HP is personal workstations, desktops and notebooks. iQuote was modified to cater for the different requirements that are required for these products (compared to servers).

Ingram Micro ran training sessions and SPIF activity as part of the launch. We were encouraged to see use of our feedback process initially to flag minor changes required but this soon changed to suggestions for improvement that, where possible, we will work towards.

Jim Redman, Business Manager for HP within Ingram Micro provided some early feedback:

“Feedback from the sales floor has been well above my personal expectations and it looks like we have an excellent tool with iQuote which is starting to work for us. This is great news as it has a knock on effect of reducing the number of basic sales support issues we get in the Business Management team. Development times for improvements etc are very short which also helps the sales floor increase their faith in iQuote.”

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