The Best Price Every Time

June 8, 2009

Today is a significant one for iQuote. As well as support for Fixed Bundles iQuote can now also support Flexible Bundles. These are discounts that are applied to options when purchased with System Units up to a Maximum Quantity. This is to cater for a common request: you may want to only offer a Saving on an option when it is attached to a System Unit and there is a maximum quantity you would want to discount; but you don’t want to be prescriptive in the way the customer has to purchase options.

The result is that iQuote will always provide the user with the best available price AND steer users in the direction of available savings. It’s the kind of agility that is currently enjoyed by FMCG & Supermarkets. Now it can be easily applied to Technology products in Channel.

One irony is that as iQuote has become better at handling promotional pricing it allows the Manufacturer to execute more complex promotional schemes…bring it on !

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