iQuote New User Function

June 8, 2009

2696885129_e0151e9d37From today iQuote Admin (aka Super) Users will be able to set up new users through the Management Portal. There is benefit for channelcentral.net as we no longer need to provide user credentials once the first Super User has been set up. It’s not just about removing effort and therefore cost for us. Allowing customers the ability to set up new users means that they can be far more agile and iQuote rollout can be more easily managed by our customers.

As new employees join Sales teams it can be frustrating if they need to wait for new logins to systems to be issued. With the new User Function new starters or people that move into a product sales role can get quick access to iQuote. For a more personal touch the welcome email comes from the Super User with the natural reply email pointing in that direction too.

Coming soon: the ability to remove obsolete accounts and to promote standard users to Super Users.

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