Back to the Beginning: Measurement

June 8, 2009

iQuote has dominated this Blog over the past few weeks and this is no surprise given the progress the team has made. Some of the recent work on Quotation Analysis: utilisation and attach selling was a good reminder of how channelcentral.net started life: Measurement. The old adage: to know where you are going means you need to know where you are now (or something very like that) is as true today as it ever has been. Why? Organisations need to improve to compete.

Our combination of Product Management and Development is applied outside of Sales Quotation services. It can also help businesses measure areas of performance including product, category, sales person, margin and attach-selling. Our methodology for helping businesses run better incentives is no different from how we help businesses provide better quotations.

Our Incentive service provides complete automation, total transparency, granular measures translated to business themes and trends, tax compliance, regular performance updates and complex targeting: simplified. If your business still runs Incentives over email/spreadsheet with infrequent updates, simple measures and unspectacular results maybe it is time to consider change?

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