iQuote Quantity Validation #1

May 26, 2009

Sorry I’ve neglected the Blog for a while. Lots of new things to convey but to start with an explanation of how iQuote validates quantity on options added – a function that has been live for a few months. Using the HP ProLiant platform as an example iQuote will perform quantity validation as follows:

  1. A physical count of slots and bays taking into consideration pre-installed components, e.g. if a system has 8 memory slots and 2 are populated as standard iQuote will offer 6 slots.
  2. If options need to be added in pairs iQuote has a minimum/maximum increment function to cope with this – it also understands if an item is already in pairs (such as a memory option kit with 2 x DIMMs).
  3. Lastly, if options of different types apply to slots (best exampled by PCI slots of various standards) iQuote will ensure that the count is spread across different option types (SCSI Controller, Host Bus Adapter, Network Interface Controller).

For performance reasons validation is done at each option type. Point 3 above allows iQuote to offer option types in logical groups rather than “add your PCI cards here” which would be less intuitive.

The Quantity Validation is an important element of iQuote but remember iQuote is a service not a software system. The product specialists at channelcentral.net ensure that only supported options are offered in the correct quantities. More on this later.

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