iQuote Now Handles Promotional Bundles

May 26, 2009

Promotional Bundles are a widely used pricing tactic. Many ERP and eCommerce systems struggle to cope with Bundles and with good reason – they are difficult to manage. So Bundles are often left to the craft of the sales person.

One of the critical success factors for iQuote is that it should always arrive at the best price for a user AND steer you in the direction of any promotions that are available. Bundles have an odd dynamic in that often by adding an option you not only increase the saving in value terms – you may even lower the total price.

So we are very proud to announce that iQuote is now capable of handling Bundles. Once a system unit is selected all qualifying Bundles are shown together with the available saving. If a Bundle is selected the Bundle parts are added to the Quote Basket and the saving is shown. Once exported the saving is shown as a line item.

If the user breaks the Bundle by removing one of the options iQuote will soon have a function to re-validate the Bundle. Also if an old quote is reopened iQuote will check to see if the Bundle reference is still available, if not it will remove the Saving. That is comprehensive Bundle management.

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