B2B Web Sites – design for quick visits !

February 26, 2009

I received some great advice from a channel strategist working for a WW Distributor. He’d been doing a huge amount of research into what his (Business to Business (B2B)) customers wanted from his web sites/portals. The research delivered one interesting message: customers want to spend as little time as possible on a B2B web site.

Given many of the web sites that I’ve been involved with have had a stated aim of keeping customers on the site for as long as possible there would appear to be a conflict here. With iQuote we are aware that customers want to visit, produce a quotation, export it and logout. So that’s how it has been designed as has the Computacenter Cost Control Calculator. As will everything B2B that we do that is functional.

An interesting angle for anyone involved in B2B Web Site creation.


One comment

  1. The best B2B sites will be ones that ‘cuckoo’ into your common desktop/open window. For an example see how the various ebay plugins look inside iGoogle. Functionality within reach, but not outside work process.

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