iQuote Project Update

February 13, 2009

For those people that read this Blog because they have a (vested or academic) interest in iQuote here’s a quick update. Week commencing 16 Feb 09 iQuote goes live in pilot phase (is that a half life?) in the UK. This milestone is the result of over 6 months of planning, developing and deep dive product analysis.

Subject to a successful pilot any Retailer, Reseller or Distributor will be able to offer its Sales People and Customers customisable products through an intuitive online tool. What’s more iQuote will show inventory, guide pricing and handle incentives such as loyalty programmes. The subscription model means that this is available at a single digit percentage cost of creating and maintlogo-iqblack2aining a similar self-managed tool.

I’ll use the Blog to keep you updated on the project and iQuote generally.

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