The Strategy of Chance #1

February 10, 2009

I bumped into a former ‘work colleague’ in a customer’s reception – hadn’t seen him for a decade! We had a “what do you do now?” conversation. He was at PlateSpin and I was doing what it is that I do. A couple of months later channelcentral.net was putting the final touches to a channel sales incentive that spanned USA, Canada and Northern Europe.377626777_1a8a2bf1b2_m

It was a tidy project for us in that it expanded our capabilities: in development terms as it had hierarchical authorisation but also in financial terms as it was multi-currency. He seemed happy with the service and has volunteered the project for a customer reference (Case Study – see previous Blog entries).

We won that on the back of a chance meeting. Of course you have to put yourself in the position to have chance meetings – not that you should start hanging about in receptions just in case…was it Gary Player that said: ‘people say I’m lucky – the more I practice the luckier I get’ or similar? Not sure how relevant that is but I am always pleased that I can remember a quotation.

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