Product Managers Abound

February 10, 2009

channelcentral.net is a blend of Product Management and Development capabilities. It operates best in a sales channel environment as that is where the Product Management function tends to be duplicated: a Manufacturer may have a few Product Managers but if it sells through 150 Channel Partners you potentially have 150 Product Managers.

Incentive control was the first place that there appeared to be an opportunity. Not in reducing the number of Product Managers but by providing the tools to enable Product Managers to be more effective and efficient. So the first channelcentral.net offering was a fully automated incentive engine.

It is still somewhat amazing that so much money is invested in Incentives that are managed in Email and Excel with the odd Pivot Table thrown in. If you have dedicated development resource it doesn’t have to be that way!

I apologise for the blatant plug.

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