Swiss Cheese !

February 9, 2009

460032282_128b5363eaPresenting iQuote on many occasions, even to small audiences, tends to bring out the same reaction: it is exactly what the business needs followed by “and wouldn’t it be good if it did this.” It sometimes feels like people have an inbuilt mechanism that encourages them to look at what systems cannot do rather than what they can. A good friend of mine calls this effect Swiss Cheese – people notice the holes more than the cheese.

Lot’s of technology purchases in mature product areas go like this too: if you can’t make a decision based on merit then you can usually make a decision by highlighting what things can’t do. It kind of makes your mind up for you.

On iQuote we welcome feedback and will act on it where it offers universal benefit. Customers identifying the holes ultimately makes the product better. That’s one of the benefits of selling a development as a service: you get to choose the enhancements and give them priority more easily than when a customer is buying development by the hour.

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