Job Titles

February 8, 2009

I saw someone on LinkedIn describe themselves as a Maven. I had to look it up:


Personally I think if your job title is maven perhaps someone else should bestow that on you. Mind you if you tell enough people you are an expert you become known as an expert.

Got me thinking about job titles. In the UK the old order of things was Chairman, Managing Director, Finance Director etc. That all changes to CXO ! CEO, COO, CFO, CTO. My business card states Director. My LinkedIn profile states Director/Owner (purely so recruitment consultants don’t waste their time).

There’s no point doing a Blog if you are not going to be controversial at some point: do you think that the current crop of senior job titles may be discarded due to their association with the current banking crisis, Enron and general “fat cat” association?

I think I’ll stick to plain old Director.

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