Why iQuote exists?

February 3, 2009

Stepping back from the initial post: iQuote became a service partly because I had some experience of developing sales tools. But there was also inspiration from one of my favourite web sites: LinkedIn. Most people use LinkedIn for the contact stuff – but the Q&As can be really useful. One article recently debated the validity of the 4 x Ps in the current business environment.

Someone stated that the 4 x Ps were all about push mass marketing and that this has been replaced by mass customisation via the Internet and consumer power. This is a very powerful business model and iQuote is therefore all about the customer being able to customise products to their requirements – easily and without risk.

That was the reason I designed iQuote and took it to market. iQuote’s first outing is for Intel-based Servers but it could be a yacht or a car or whatever the customer wants..!

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