LinkedIn & New Web

February 3, 2009

If you are using LinkedIn to see what people are up to, using it to email old contacts that you don’t have an email address for and being generally nosey then fine. I think there’s more value in the Q&As personally. I’ve enlarged my contact list through LinkedIn just by asking and answering a few questions.

Why is this important? Well in 19 months of being self-employed every invoice I have ever produced has been as a direct result of a personal contact. I’m looking forward to the day that this isn’t the case but I don’t see that happening soon. If you are in B2B then this is an interesting dynamic of today’s market.

It also struck me that outside of financial systems my Google Chrome Browser is invariably looking at LinkedIn, Huddle, WordPress and now Twitter. I appear to be a Web 2 victim ! More on Huddle soon.

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